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About Copenhagen
With a couple of air tickets to Copenhagen, you can experience one of the principal cities of the Øresund region. Talk a walk through the town and see the many beautiful historical buildings, each with its own story to tell of bygone days and proud kings. No matter whether you are visiting Copenhagen to enjoy the town's historical charm or its rich selection of entertainment and shopping amenities, a couple of air tickets to Copenhagen is always a good investment.

Copenhagen is a city where the old meets the new – the beautiful lines of the old buildings contrast with the city's modern lifestyle and fast pace. The Little Mermaid is one of the best-known ’inhabitants’ of Copenhagen. Not far from her lies the Queen's residence, Amalienborg Palace, and the newly-built Opera House; two beautiful buildings which lie within sight of each other, emphasising the meeting between old and new.

About Gothenburg
The city of Gothenburg was founded in 1621 in response to Danish attacks on western Sweden, when its extensive defences made it one of the most strongly fortified towns of the day. Now, however, you can get around those defensive works with just a single air ticket ...

Although Gothenburg was originally founded to keep foreigners out, the city is now a charming, friendly and open-hearted town which welcomes its guests to a wealth of experiences.