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You will also find that Norwegian fly from Oslo, (capital of Norway) to the following Norwegian cities.
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Hotelrooms in most Norwegian cities, and flights to London.

About Oslo
With just 550,000 inhabitants, Oslo may not be the most populous capital city in the world, but the city nonetheless covers quite an impressive area as a matter of fact, the population density in Copenhagen is ten times greater than in Oslo! A large number of parks and recreational areas also give the city a delightfully open and green look, to the benefit of both its inhabitants and tourists.

Oslo has a wealth of possibilities in the areas of entertainment, culture and sports; here you will find more than 50 museums and galleries, as well as a galaxy of theatres and music venues.

About London
An air ticket to London opens the door to a multitude of experiences. The pulsating British capital has everything from historical monuments, world-famous museums and art galleries to international designer stores, famous theatres, fashionable restaurants and an international centre of trade and finance.

If you have never visited London before, an air ticket is definitely recommended; and if you have already been there, you know that you can never finish seeing and experiencing London the metropolis with everything. Even if you buy an air ticket to London year after year, your holiday will never become boring repetition, but will always be a unique experience.