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Madrid to Oslo

Norwegian fly from Oslo, (capital of Norway) to the following Norwegian cities.
*Alta to Oslo
*Bergen to Oslo
*Bodo to Oslo
*Harstad to Oslo
*Kirkenes to Oslo
*Stavanger to Oslo
*Trondheim to Oslo
*Tromso to Oslo
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Hotelrooms in most Norwegian cities, and flights to Madrid.

About Stockholm
Stockholm and Copenhagen often rival for the title of the capital of Scandinavia – both cities are venerable, atmospheric and packed with experiences and entertainment.

Both Stockholm and Copenhagen have close links with the sea, but while Copenhagen lies open towards the water, Stockholm hides behind its idyllic islets and skerries.

An air ticket to Stockholm will bring you to a fantastically lively city with lots of possibilities, whether you are looking for shopping, entertainment or holiday experiences.

About Madrid
An air ticket to Madrid will give you the opportunity to sample the entire repertoire of Spanish traditions. Watch a flamenco performance, and be enchanted by the expressive dance, music and song. Visit the famous arena ”Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas”, and gain an insight into the art of bullfighting. Taste Spain's proud national dish, paella – originally a dish that the poor made by adding snails and salad to their rice. Today, paella is eaten by everyone, and is available in many varieties: as an exquisite dish for special occasions, as an everyday meal, or as tapas. Tapas is a snack that the Spanish often enjoy with a glass of sangria; to avoid insects getting into their drinks, people cover the glass or jug with a slice of ham or cheese.